Survival Food and Shelter in Desert Wilderness

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29 thoughts on “Survival Food and Shelter in Desert Wilderness

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  2. Upon stacking a larger or thicker canopy of sage brush on top of ur existing shelter, u can help to shield from th late night temps, as well as th hot sun shine. Calif. & Arizona's sunshine, will deplete your energy levels.

  3. Th green algae there in th water, though not flavorful, can provide proteins & vitamins. I've seen several videos of th young men harvesting large amounts, then placing it by th fire to expose it to a partial cooking.

  4. The survival info is OK, but the deer hide poncho, gourd water jug, twine, etc. is a little too nature-boy theatrical. Showing your roots — Hollywood.

  5. Hey Chad, been enjoying your videos a lot. Very informative and well done. I am an American living in Baja California Sur MX and I spend a lot of time in the Sierra De La Laguna mountains and they are very similar to where you spend your time. Sometimes I am in those mountains for 6-7 days far from any civilization (8-10 miles hike). While there is a lot of wildlife in these mountains, coyotes, bob cats, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, which none are a bother to me, but the one thing to always be on guard for is the creepy crawlers, such as scorpions, brown recluses and the ever dangerous Kissing Bug (aka triatomine bugs) Aren't you concerned about these types of critters? How do you protect yourself from them? S

  6. Good sleep good life, I would have spent more time on the shelter and slept well so the next day I could do more and holy heck Chad you eat like a supermodel aka not enough for real danger management.

  7. How many people would change there entitled mind set if they spent time like this man does in the wilderness it makes you see how good you actually have it

  8. I don't understand why you didn't make a pile of plants to sleep on because it would have helped with the pain all over your body thing

  9. 9.30 You can boil ashes (tied in a cloth) to make baking powder for your cake if you want to help it rise.

  10. I do hope that there is water and trees on the moon and mars somewhere like on earth except rocks and moutains.

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  12. Im looking to live in the wild forever because i hate people
    Any items i should prep or the primitive stuff is enough!?

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