Navy Skills for Life – Land Survival Training – Fire Building

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From building a shelter to signaling for rescue, learn from Navy Instructor Paul Levins how to assure your survival on land from the moment you realize you’re lost until help arrives. Paul trains Naval Aviators how to survive if they ever have to eject, and now he teaches you those same skills. This episode focuses on how to build a fire using magnesium.

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5 thoughts on “Navy Skills for Life – Land Survival Training – Fire Building

  1. Is the A-Frame fire really what the Navy teaches in land survival? That's a good way to be seen alright, but what happens when it's Charlie who finds you? Yeah, I know, this aint Vietnam and there aint no Charlie… But Charlie is F-ing everywhere, LMFAO. Why don't you teach a low visibility fire like the Dakota fire hole for example. You can dig a hole a lot quieter than you can pounding sticks in the ground. Good video though. Just an old ARMY dog tugging at ya a little. We're all one force.

  2. +America's Navy
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  3. Sorry I can't message you on mobile so I'll do it on this video. You should think about spacing out the releases of your videos. I watch YouTube primarily on mobile and my app will only load a limited amount of new videos to my subscription feed. I want to stay subscribed but the channel pushes everything else off my feed. You're not the only channel that does this but you're the only one that I felt I wanted to stay subscribed to. Please think about this when releasing in the future. The way to keep subscribers is to give them something to watch every day. There's no way I'd be able to watch all 18 videos today and I'd forget and move on to new content by tomorrow.

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