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As a former Air Force SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) specialist, wilderness survival expert Jessie Krebs spent …


29 thoughts on “Jessie Krebs Teaches Wilderness Survival | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. I just took her MasterClass. Having just listened to her final lesson I am just so grateful for this experience. She’s a wonderful teacher and her buoyant enthusiasm does not cross over into Pollyanna territory (I was afraid of that) as she does teach of all the ways one can best navigate a survival situation, and is quite realistic about this. I have been listening to this course on and off for several months and find myself thinking a lot about this course as I travel, hike, or even go about my daily life. As a fellow trauma survivor as well I was touched by her last lesson as well, and appreciated all of the wisdom about ongoing healing and growth. Thank you for sharing your gifts and for helping teach folks to feel safer in nature so they can feel more empowered and connected with the world. ❤️

  2. From the first moment I saw you, I LOVE what you teach. You make the topic of survival seem so WELCOME.

    Most people who teach survival are so Pei Mei about it: Like you have to crawl a tall mountain to even GET there. And once you're there you must endure torture from constant barrage of insults to your ego on top of trying to survive.

    Your approach makes survivability ACCESSIBLE for EVEVERYONE. And what is the point of climbing a mountain and enduring mental turmoil to gain that skill that you are offering? REALLY??? I don't get it.

  3. Signalling, personal protection, sustenance, navigation, health. Signalling first because in survival situations, "I need to get out of here!" Can go about 30 days without food; 3 days without water.
    Stay calm and think rationally by making your exhales longer than your inhales.

  4. I have a little bit of quote un quote basic survival knowledge, but I'm going through this one it's amazing!! Would highly recommend for beginners and advanced alike. Great job Jessie👏👏 look forward one day to take an in person course from you.

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