3 – Month Survival Food Kit | How to Prep for the Next 25 Years

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Survival Food | Imagine having mouth watering delicious meals, within an arms reach, in the event of an …


30 thoughts on “3 – Month Survival Food Kit | How to Prep for the Next 25 Years

  1. Your commerical where the guy says, "I think I could throw in shipping, yea, I can do shipping", like he just then figured it out, is the dumbest thing I've ever heard😂

  2. The chances of Americans needing food like this in the next 20 years is absolutely ZERO!!!!!!!!

  3. Just bought some items to try out. Lets be honest, 4Patriots are based out of Tennessee, but the products come out of Utah. Lets be honest, Augason Farms makes your products, puts your label on it and drop ships it for you, right? If not, that's pretty strange coincidence. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, but I find it – strange.

  4. Lol… food clearly aimed to profit off the right conspiracy theorists. All you patriots run and get some.

  5. I saw in some of the comments that the storage bins were out of stock. Do you now have the storage bins?

  6. Curious… maybe I am the crazy person but at 8:21 it clearly shows on the packaging of chocolate pudding… 5 servings…. and she states 16 servings total… I am not saying my math is 100%… but 5 does not go into 16 evenly…. something doesn't add properly 🤔

  7. I've been seeing the advertisements for a good month now and I've been dying on the inside to get my hands on the two tote box special you guys are doing.
    It's sad that you guys are only doing it while supplies last but you're actually heros for these supplies and food, when I'm financially stable I'm definitely placing an order.
    I hope you guys will be around for awhile.

  8. i read some of the negative comments. i will be neutral on this product. first, i believe it to be survival food first. i doubt you will get drive thru taste with this purchase nor will you see 4patriots featured on "iron chef". having said that, maybe some out there should take it to the next level. have you considered tabaco and alcohol? perhaps cheese…bagels….chocolates. use this product as a FOUNDATION for survival and then you can fine tune it with jolly ranchers and ranch dressing when doom approaches. luxury may not be an option in an emergency. i pray that i have discard these tubs in 25 years.

  9. I was looking at your website and read through some of the details and calculated right about 1,200 calories per day. I was going to see how you marketed it on here and was pleasantly surprised by the transparency!

  10. Ok, I just ordered the 3 month kit……. you're saying 1 person? I have my wife to feed as well. I just payed over $500…..I just ordered it so, some clarification is necessary.

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